Who knew a trip to IKEA could not only be a whole day event but also a fun whole day event? I’ve been strongly hinting to Molly for a while that the next time we went to IKEA we should get lunch there as well. Today was the day she finally gave in. I know it seems a little creepy (as in do we really want to eat at a place that sells less than the highest quality furniture), but after today I am certain that we will never again make the trip to Schaumburg without a stop for lunch in the big blue building.

I had the special of the day, probably the best Philly steak sandwich I’ve had since I was in Philly, loads of meat and cheese on a good roll with a side of fries and a pop. Zoe loved her Swedish meatballs, she gobbled them up and even tasted the lingonberries and french fries that came with them. Molly even thought her Swedish meatballs were so good that she’d be happy to go back next time for more.

By the time we finished lunch we had already been in the store for over half an hour, but our time there was just beginning. When we first entered the store Zoe got an “ice cream treasure hunt map” so we had to scavenge the store to find all of the secret locations to get a stamp. Zoe also had a great time playing in the kid’s house with all the other toddlers. We couldn’t believe it when we looked at the time and saw we’d been there for nearly two hours.

We did manage to buy a couple things; a new shower liner, and curtains for the empty room.

On the way out all three of us got some ice cream. Zoe even got to go back and forth between licking her cone and eating with a spork (I believe her first ever). It all went very well except for the ice creamsastor that happened when Z knocked her cone out of my hand and onto the floor. It was all good though, I let her eat my cone, since I really just wanted the ice cream anyway.

So like I said, what was intended to be a quick trip to IKEA, became a full day event!

More videos will be coming tomorrow!

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