Grandpa Owen

My Grandpa Owen has had to use a scooter to get around for the past few weeks and for the upcoming weeks ahead, but he’s adjusted just fine!  He likes to go for walks around the neighborhood, just strolling along.  He has a small basket in front that he tends to put his new cellphone in.  The other day he wasn’t home when my grandma got home from an errand. It turns out he rode on down to the barbershop to get a hair cut.

Zoe and I stopped by for a visit earlier this week and Zoe got to go for rides.  She was a little scared to move around, but loved, loved, loved pushing the button to beep the horn.  She would have done it for hours, but the sound is a high-pitched beep that isn’t too pleasant to listen to.  Hopefully next time she’ll be a bit more into the rides and can get a lift to the Dairy Queen down the street from their house!


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