We have neighbors across the street that are about our age, but unlike us, are just off. They are nice enough, but just not terribly social and the husband wears overalls. (Which is fine, just different considering there aren’t any farms nearby.) They had their first baby a few months ago and since then her parents stop by many times a week to visit. We call them Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa wears a winter coat and mask over his face. But Grandma is the real wacky one. She wears a nightgown. She is always carrying big bags. And she loves to take pictures. Of everything. All the time. Constantly. Their car will pulls up, Grandpa gets out and goes inside, and about 15 minutes later Grandma hobbles out of the car. She’ll then walk up and down the sidewalk taking pictures of everything. The most common subjects of her photos are: 1. the dog (who is inside looking out) 2. the grass 3. a plant 4. their house 5. the car 6. our house. I’m pretty sure that her family doesn’t put film in her camera. Either that or they have boxes and boxes of random photos. The other night Zak got home and said “Have you seen Grandma walking in the middle of the road with the dog taking pictures.” I didn’t believe that she was actually in the middle of the road, but sure enough she was. A few cars had to come to a complete stop before maneuvering around her. We decided to take a few pictures and some video of her to show you all how entertaining she makes our life. Enjoy!



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