Notecard System

GH (Grandpa Harry) uses a system of organization Zak named “The Notecard System.”  This is how it works:  Whenever GH has an idea, a question, new information, or an interesting thought he writes it down on a blank notecard with a black felt pen.  He then puts the notecard in his shirt pocket or on the end table next to his chair for later reference.

Examples of things written on notecards:

Molly- Wednesday- Jewel- 1:00

Ask Margie about living will

11-22-05 Zoe’s birthday

Find out my phone number

Alarm clock to Molly

Tom-Saturday- bank- 9:00

Ask Margie about tooth

I would say that it is not an exaggeration to estimate that he uses about 20 notecards a day. Overall, it’s a great system that has worked for many years (decades?) for him and he is certainly not about to change systems now.

Unfortunately, Zak has pointed out that there is a flaw with the system.  He has a tendency to forget either where the notecard is or that he has already written the information down on another notecard.  I’m sure Zoe’s birthday is written on about 70 notecards.   Also, he has about 50 notecards in a very neat pile on his end table.  I’ll ask him a question and he’ll start shuffling through the notecards, knowing it’s on one of them.  He occasionally finds the right one.

Anyway, we went to Jewel today and he bought another 200 blank notecards.  We got back to his place and I found about 700 in the drawer of the end table.  He’ll be set for a few weeks now!

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