Ever since we moved to Brookfield I’ve been really excited to take a class at the Brookfield Zoo. As a teacher I need to keep taking Masters level coursework both to keep my certificate active and to increase my place on the pay scale. The zoo offers classes just for teachers that meet both of those goals for me. So I was thrilled to be able to take one for the first time this summer. The title of the class is “The Training Game: Animal Behavior and Training” and it meets from 4 to 10 tonight, so I was really excited thinking that they were going to be taking us to all kinds of behind the scenes stuff after the zoo closed. Earlier this week though, I got an email telling me to “wear clothing appropriate for Papier-mâché”. Needless to say I’m a little less enthused now. Hopefully it will still be cool though. I’ll let you all know later.

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