I had a baby shower to go to on Friday night and Zak was busy with his paper-mache class, so we needed to ship Zoe off somewhere.  My parents are the only ones who have ever watched Zoe, but were busy Friday evening, so we asked Michael to take care of Zoe.  He said yes right away and they ended up have a great time.  My event was in Elgin, so Zoe got to spend the evening at Michael’s new house.  They ate a dinner from Panera, went for a walk to the park, and played with lots of toys.  With it being the first time Zoe was not with us or my parents, I was a bit nervous, although I had no reason to be.  I’m so thrilled they both had such a great time and I excited to know we have a new babysitter we can count on!!  Thanks, Mike!

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