Goofy Zo

We were eating dinner tonight and when I looked up at Zoe from taking a bite she had her foot on the table and a fork stuck between two of her toes looking as proud as can be.  Zak and I couldn’t help but to laugh hysterically.  Who gets to see that during dinner? Once […]

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Sick Zoe

Although she’s back to normal, I just wanted to show you how sick Zoe really was: [singlepic=5057,350,250] Also, the poor munchkin needed a lot of medicine to help her get better. [singlepic=5100,350,250]

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International Comment

Did you guys notice the comment my mom left under the “GH’s Song” Post? That comment was made in Oslo, Norway! That is the first ever international comment made on the website. Cool! Mom and Dad: In case you check in again, HI! We miss you lots and wish you continued happy sailing of the […]

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5 Years

Friday was our fifth anniversary!  It’s quite amazing to me that it’s already been five years.  It truly does just seem like yesterday.  We had nice day and even got a romantic dinner in.  With Zoe, of course.  It was as romantic as a dinner can be when you’re trying to keep a 20 month […]

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