5 Years

Friday was our fifth anniversary!  It’s quite amazing to me that it’s already been five years.  It truly does just seem like yesterday.  We had nice day and even got a romantic dinner in.  With Zoe, of course.  It was as romantic as a dinner can be when you’re trying to keep a 20 month old entertained and happy in a fancy Italian restaurant.  She was actually fabulous and even got all dressed up for the occasion (wearing a gold bracelet that my parents got her last year for the first time.)  Fortunately, it was a lovely evening and we were able to eat outside, so the passing pedestrians provided most of the entertainment Zoe needed.  Zak did need to leave during the salad course to walk Walgreens to get Zoe sunscreen, as her back was starting to scorch in the hot setting sun.  I told you it was romantic!

We like to give each other gifts that five either the traditional or modern anniversary gift rules.  Year number five is wood (traditional) and silverware (modern.)  Zak got me a lovely wooden cheese board and a very fancy schmancy Japanese Chef’s Knife that I’ve had my eye on for a few years.  I didn’t realize that I had to do both the traditional and moderns gifts, so I just went with the wood.  I got him one of the ever so popular bean bag toss games that everyone is playing at every outdoor event this summer.  I went to Sports Authority to buy it and they only had Bears and Notre Dame.  Obviously, Zak’s a Packers fan, and Notre Dame means nothing to is, so I didn’t know what to do.  The salespeople convinced my to just buy the Bears one and let him deface it.  As much as Zak liked the idea of the gift, he said he had had a goal of making them himself.  So, we promptly returned it and bought all the material, including a circular saw and Zak has been hard at work that past couple of days.

It was a great day and I’m excited to spend all the rest with Zak!  (Aww….so cheesy, yet true!)

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