Although this is very unlike Martha, I have never had a green thumb, nor the desire to have one.  However, last year my parents and our neighbors grew the most delicious red tomatoes I’ve ever seen, so I thought I”d give it a shot this year.  In May we, weeded out one of our weed […]

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You Wanna Know What Sucks?

Insurance. Zak is starting a new job in August and with that comes new insurance.  Are you familiar with the HIPAA laws?  Probably parts of it, like we were, but perhaps not all of it.  See, local or state government employers (i.e. public schools) are not required to follow HIPAA and can choose which parts […]

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15 Week Appointment

We (when I say we, I mean it was a total family affair) had the 15 week appointment for the new baby this morning and we’re happy to report that all is great.  The baby’s heart rate is 150 beats per minute which is totally normal and perfect.  We did find out that starting at […]

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Zoe has this habit of pushing her plate and place mat away from her when she has finished a meal.  It’s great for us, because we know exactly when she’s done.  She has always had a very efficient personality and likes to be organized and on top of things.  Because of this she’s recently made […]

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