15 Week Appointment

We (when I say we, I mean it was a total family affair) had the 15 week appointment for the new baby this morning and we’re happy to report that all is great.  The baby’s heart rate is 150 beats per minute which is totally normal and perfect.  We did find out that starting at 32 weeks I’m going to have to have a non-stress test once a week, because of my somewhat newly diagnosed hypothyroidism.  We also found out about a class for Zoe called, My Mommy’s Having a Baby.  She’ll get to go and see the hospital, nursery, some newborns, and postpartum room.  She’ll take that right before the baby comes, so she’ll remember it.  It was a fun appointment and Zoe’s been trying to mimic the heartbeat sound all day:

Whoosh-a-whoosh-a-whoosh-a-whoosh-a-whoosh-a-whoosh-a-whoosh-a-whoosh-a-whoosh -a-whoosh-a-whoosh-a-whoosh-a-whoosh-a-whoosh.

Afterwards we went to Graue Mill to feed the ducks. Zoe was had a great time and just plopped right down on the ground and watched the dozens of ducks all around her.  She had a great time practicing her quacking and running around the grounds.

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