Zoe has this habit of pushing her plate and place mat away from her when she has finished a meal.  It’s great for us, because we know exactly when she’s done.  She has always had a very efficient personality and likes to be organized and on top of things.  Because of this she’s recently made an adjustment to her routine.  Now when she’s bites away from finishing, she takes whatever remaining food she’s going to want to eat, puts it on her place mat, then pushes the plate away.  At this point, she proceeds to eat the food she had not yet finished.  This morning, when she was nearly done with breakfast she removed half a British muffin and half a banana from her plate, pushed the plate to Zak, and continues her breakfast.  I imagine that before too long she’ll just want us to serve her whole meal on her place mat rather than dealing with those nuisance things we call plates.

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