My mom had bought this darling pair of green sunglasses at the beginning of summer, but they were involved in a terrible accident last week. We’d forgotten them in the backyard after an afternoon of swimming and Zak mowed over them the following day. The lenses were completely shattered, but the frames were in perfect condition. Now Zoe cannot get enough of them. She’s totally nonchalant about the fact that she is wearing gigantic green plastic glasses and thinks she looks cool. She would wear them all day, everyday if we let her and I’ve now started to hide them from her for period each day. That way we can take a picture or leave the house without people thinking, “That poor girl. Why would her parents pick those glasses for her. Well, I guess she is kinda cute in them and they do seem to fit her personality.”


(This picture helps explain why I got contact lenses at the age of 10.)

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