Zak and Zoe’s Shopping Spree

Molly went out to lunch with some friends today so this morning Zoe and I decided to do some garage-saleing. Zoe was definitely psyched up for her first experience. [singlepic=5183,350,250] [singlepic=5184,350,250] Unfortunately, it was not a good day for garage sales. We found a grand total of two. The first (and Zoe’s first ever) was […]

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BU Accomplishment

I accomplished many things in college academically, athletically, and personally. However, one of my greatest accomplishments was a stunt I pulled my sophomore year. The school paper, the Scout, ran an online poll each week about something topical. Students were invited to vote and the results were published. However, they didn’t limit the number of […]

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Zak just got a Wii.  I have a feeling that Zoe’s nap time will now be devoted to WII playing rather than View watching.  Bummer. Don’t know what a Wii is?  It’s a Nintendo.  Follow this link for more information:

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About a month and a half ago I was reading a article in the Tribune and they were discussing a family with 19 month old twins.  The article briefly mentioned that the kids were singing the ABCs and could count to 10.  I had a moment of panic, knowing that Zoe was no where close […]

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