Zak and Zoe’s Shopping Spree

Molly went out to lunch with some friends today so this morning Zoe and I decided to do some garage-saleing. Zoe was definitely psyched up for her first experience.
Unfortunately, it was not a good day for garage sales. We found a grand total of two. The first (and Zoe’s first ever) was an estate sale with lots of old stuff. There wasn’t anything great but of course we stopped to pose by this antique hair dryer (and for only $5!).
The second sale we didn’t even stop at, it was just one table set up in a driveway. We did find a cool park to stop at though, it had a ton of cool stuff to climb on and slide down and swing with. Zoe even did the monkey bars.
And looked pretty cute after sliding down the slide
After we were done playing it was still a little early for lunch, so we decided to stop by Target to see if they had any Wii’s and as Molly announced below, I was able to bring one home with me.

After some lunch Z and I made a quick trip to the library, and played in the backyard a bit before it was time for her to go night-night.

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