Yay Zoe!!!

Today was a huge day in the list of life milestones for Zoe. For the first time ever she pooped in the potty!!! For the last week or so, she’s been pointing to her diaper and saying “di, di, di” a couple of minutes before she poops. We’ve been bringing her up to sit her […]

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The Fourth

We had a fabulous holiday.Β  The day started with some iced coffee from Dunkin Doughnuts…I told you it was fabulous!Β  We then went to the Brookfield Parade.Β  They have the most fire engines and police cars than any other parade I’ve been too.Β  I would say there are at least 25 fire engines leading the […]

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Zak and I play Backgammon most nights during dinner and Zoe loves to watch us and cheer us on.Β  She has a choice of rooting for “The Z Team” or “The Girl Team.”Β  (The Girl Team really needs a better name.)Β  She loves to help roll the dice once she’s done eating, so we recently […]

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Duplos are fun. [singlepic=4917,350,250] Duplos are more fun if you’re sitting in the Duplo container. [singlepic=4919,350,250]

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Morton Arboretum

Here are some picture from this weekend at Morton Arboretum. [singlepic=4955,350,250] [singlepic=4956,350,250] [singlepic=4977,350,250] [singlepic=4971,350,250] [singlepic=4964,350,250] [singlepic=4959,350,250] (Notice the purse in the last picture, because who does nature stuff without a stylish purse?)    

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The Taste

Well, I have to say that going to The Taste of Chicago was without a doubt my favorite day of this pregnancy so far. It was heaven. All the food. So yummy! We took the train down and Zoe enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s only a 20 minute ride, so it’s not long enough […]

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