The Taste

Well, I have to say that going to The Taste of Chicago was without a doubt my favorite day of this pregnancy so far. It was heaven. All the food. So yummy! We took the train down and Zoe enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s only a 20 minute ride, so it’s not long enough for her to get cranky. We started with some toasted ravioli and Zoe just dug in! We all enjoyed some saganaki, pizza, cheese fries (my most desired craving these days), steak tacos, the world’s largest polish sausage, chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas, and artichoke hearts. Zoe had skipped a morning nap and fell asleep about 2:00 in her stroller. It was then that Zak and I decided to each get our very own rainbow cone. I’m not sure I’ve ever had my own, but it was totally worth the 8 tickets. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the world famous cone, it consists of chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, cherry nut ice creams, topped with a huge scoop of orange sherbet in a waffle cone. Too bad Zoe missed out, next year she should take a nap before we go!

It was a delightful day and I’m glad we’re continuing this tradition as a family!

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