Although this is very unlike Martha, I have never had a green thumb, nor the desire to have one.Β  However, last year my parents and our neighbors grew the most delicious red tomatoes I’ve ever seen, so I thought I”d give it a shot this year.Β  In May we, weeded out one of our weed gardens, bought six tomato plants from Whole Foods (motto: We don’t sell Doritos.) and watered them twice daily for about a month.Β  Then the cicadas came and I wouldn’t go outside, so we just let the rain and sun do their jobs.Β  Low and behold, we now have fabulous tomatoes that are a brilliant shade of red.

Zoe refuses to eat all tomatoes, unless they are from our garden and freshly picked.Β  She loves to pluck them right off the vine and try to pop them in her mouth before they are washed.Β  If unsupervised, she’d pick them all, regardless of ripeness, and proudly hand them to us.Β  She also likes to squeeze them too hard until they splatter all over and she gets to feel that super squishy feeling.Β  They’re still tasty though!


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