A Relaxing Weekend

In spite of just returning from a two week vacation, my parents agreed to watch Zoe for the weekend so Zak and I could go out to dinner (I think that’s called a date, but it’s been a while!)  In the 40 hours we were away from her we managed to go to seven different restaurants and explore numerous neighborhoods in Chicago.  We ate dinner in Greektown at Greek Islands and it was fantastic!  We also fit in Cheesecake Factory, tapas, two breakfast out, and pizza at Crust (the only all organic restaurant in the Midwest!)   It was great to spend a day day just walking around the city and not having to worry about nap time or snacks or dirty diapers or any of that other Zoe stuff.

However, my parents were thrilled to be dealing will all that.  They kept busy with an arts fair, a walk to the park, lots of yummy meals, and just good old time together.

Zak and I feel so fortunate that we’re able to get away for a bit every now and then.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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