Day 44

It’s currently 4:45 and I am listening to the greatest showman soundtrack well watching the rain pour down. I can now officially say I have been up for more the 12 hours the alarms went off at 4 AM this morning as I said in my post from yesterday I have feelings for this alarm. When we got out of tents it was pitch black out so we strapped our headlamps on and started off for the trail today. I honestly don’t remember the up much because it was 4:30 in the morning and was only half awake but, it must have been hard because I can barely feel my legs. We did make it to the top eventually after some fun scrambling. We also saw a ton of cute marmots and by the end of the hike it felt like we knew everyone on the trail because we were all going about the same pace and keept leapfroging. We made our decent down and passed tree level just as the rain came. Then for the forth time this trip it started to hail. We made it back down and packed up Fred. We now have a five hour drive to our hotel for tonight.

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