Day 43: Leadville

Today was a rest day. We usually fill rest days with driving, household tasks like laundry, or smaller hikes. We couldn’t do any of those things today, but spent the day in Leadville. It’s the highest city in Colorado at 10,000 some feet and full of cute shops, outdoor gear suppliers, and some real good food.

We spent the morning meandering through the shops. Lunch was a real treat, a grilled chicken breast over brown rice and quinoa, a salad with goat cheese, and a side of green chile mac and cheese. The kitchen was backed up, and, like everywhere, short staffed, providing us space to hang out and play games for well over an hour.

After lunch it dawned on us that the only other thing we needed to do was eat dinner. Although, we wanted to eat dinner early, 1:30 seemed too early. We gave the girls some cash and the freedom to find a treat and spend an afternoon without us. Zak and I found a great bar filled with locals and the kindest, hardest working servers. I read my book and Zak wrote a song. It wasn’t even an hour later when we got a text from the girls that they were bored. Turns out we don’t do rest days very well. They’re kind of boring.

The rest of the hours of the afternoon eventually slipped away and we were able to grab that garlic pizza we always eat before 14ers in Leadville.

Tomorrow we’re attempting Mount Massive, the tied for second tallest peak in Colorado. The hike has about the same elevation gain and loss as Elbert, but over 17 miles. It some ways it might be easier, in others, more difficult. I’m anxious to try it and see how we do.

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