Day 43

Today started from waking up from one of the best night’s sleep I have had so far. I had not half a bed not one bed not one and a half beds, but Two full beds. Idmittly I only slept in one but I for sure used the other when I was just relaxing. I had five pillows not one I got to use sheets for the first time in a long time and all around it was amazing. I was in no rush to get out of bed this morning so I volunteered for the fourth shower. After we all finished getting ready we headed out to Leadville. It is a really cute town if you have a few hours to spare but it is not ideal for a full day. We started off by going to a coffee shop we shared pastries and my parents had coffee. After that we spent some time going in the shops I got a topographic sticker of Mt. Elbert for my computer next year witch we climbed yesterday. After that we had lunch at a cute restaurant where we spent some time also playing games. My parents went off to a ber well Zoe and I got malts. We had two hours before it would even be somewhat reasonable to eat dinner so we say on a bench for one and spent another getting packs ready for tommorow for dinner we went back to the pizza place . The alarms are set for four AM tomorrow. I have very specific feelings for this alarm. We then got in tents and me and my dad are playing phase ten again.

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