Ouray and Silverton

Today was another lowkey trip day. We woke up fairly early and got on the road towards Ouray.

We had plans to meet my dad’s work friend for lunch at 11:30 so we got to Ouray a bit early and explored the old miner town. One particular store was a Texas store which ranged from bejweled bison heads to fake louis vitton bags. I got out of there as quickly as I possibly could.

For lunch I had possibly the best meal of the trip. It was a buffalo chicken salad and was amazing. Ouray was fine, I don’t need to go back but I would go back just for that salad.

After that we drove on Death Ledge 2.0. And it really lives up to its name. We were this (🤏) close to falling off the edge. The road was in terrible shape, literally chunks of the road was missing and a couple thousand feet drop off. No big deal. ALSO to add the the deathlieness of the day a neighbor texted us that they had a bear in their yard. So if this is the last you hear from me sorry about that but a bear got me.

We walked around Silverton real quickly and went into a store that had legitimately EVERYTHING. They had plastic boyfriends, green flip-flops, Christmas ornaments and nail clipper. I unlike other family members do not need to go back.

we headed over the The Nugget and I beat my dad in bean bags multiple times also I got all my bean bags in the hole 2 times. If any one wants to play bags with me I’m open anytime.

A week or so ago my mom and I got dinner for the rest of the fam. Tonight ellie and dad did and they did outstanding. My mouth was #blessed with each bite I took of tomato mozzarella and basil. I know there is dessert so nice job ellie and dad.

Tonight we are camping and most likely will have to pull that bear spray trigger. My family says we’ll be fine but me vs bear I think we all know the outcome.

also go New York Islanders today!

3 thoughts on “Ouray and Silverton

  1. What brewery did you go to in Ouray? I love Red Mountain Brewery…if you ever decide it’s worth going back.

    1. We tried to go to Red Mountain Brewery but they were closed so we went to Ouray Brewery instead.

  2. Zoe, I’m glad it wasn’t your turn to drive today on Death Ledge 2.0! I know now that you made it through the night, but I was very concerned about the bear as well.

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