Day 6: Florissant Fossil Beds

I’ve done a few lessons on fossil beds with my students and have fond memories of Dinosaur National Monument. I had no idea what to expect here and was slightly disappointed that Zak said there would only be fossils of small plants and insects. He mentioned petrified wood, but we’ve had a wonderful time at […]

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Stone Tree

“How tall we stand. Just like a stone tree deep in this land.” Bill Miller We had another great day of hiking today! Our destination was Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. This was a new NPS site for us and I’m glad we dedicated a day to it. If you come here looking for fossils […]

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Hiking at florescent fossil beds

Today we went to Florescent fossil beds NM. I wrongly assumed that we would get to see cool dinosaur fossils or bones or something but no. It was literally insects and leaves. The only cool part was the petrified redwood trees. I can’t explain how that happens so I’ll let someone else do that. After […]

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Day 6

Can we just talk about uphill for a minute, I hate it every part of it and it is even worse when you go 150 feet up just for there to be 2 feet of flat then you go right back down and this is what happened countless times today. The day started of normal […]

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