Sand Creek Massacre

“Colonel Chivington I curse your name today.” Caribou Mountain Collective One of my biggest concerns about today was finding an appropriate song to use as a title. With visits to Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site and the Amache Internment Camp it was destined to be a somber day. So, a big thanks to the […]

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The worst day of the roadtrip

Fingers crossed that today is the worst day of the road trip. We saw two terrible brutal sides of American History. First, we went to the Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado. I can’t explain it that well but basically a bunch of stuck up soldiers decided to kill 200 plus Cheyenne and Arapaho Native Americans […]

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Day 3

Welcome to my POV of day three. Today was a lot like yesterday drive stop drive stop. Anyway on with the day. We woke up once again at 7 AM. Personal I am not a fan of the whole alarm in summer thing but, I seem to not have much control over that as my […]

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