Exploring Durango

Today was by far the most relaxing day of the trip. My parents had a few meeting today so ellie and I took on Durango alone. We had 2 goals -get iced hot chocolate and -adopt a dog. And I will say we accomplished 1 of them. After an hour of walking around and picking […]

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Day 17

Today we woke up in tents at chaco culture. We had cliff bars for breakfast then got in the car to drive to the trailhead for today. We once again were doing a hike that we had tried to do in the past but could not complete last time we had to turn around due […]

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Hiking at Chaco Culture

This morning as we all emerged from our tents the 100 degree weather hit our exhausted faces. We ate an amazing Father’s day breakfast of clif bars and hit the trail. We started this hike a few years ago but turned around because we saw rain in the distance. This year however us and the […]

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Dust in the Wind

“All we do Crumbles to the ground” Kansas I had high hopes for our trip to Chaco this year, but it turned out that COVID is still keeping some things closed. Chaco Culture NHP is the center of Ancestral Puebloan culture and a place I’d been eager to get back to since our first stop […]

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The Obvious Child

“Well I’m accustomed to a smooth ride … I don’t expect to sleep through the night Paul Simon As I write this I am reclining in a camp chair with my feet up on a rock in Chaco Canyon. I’m sipping the last cold water I may get for a couple days. There are rainclouds […]

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