Day 19: COhome (v)

As far as adventures are concerned, today was a pretty non one. Unless you considering windshild repair and fire mitigation consultation adventurous. The morning was filled with waiting for the windshield repairer to arrive at the hotel parking lot. He eventually did, completed the work quickly, and we were on our way. The afternoon was […]

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Hold My Hand

“With a little peace and some harmony We’ll take the world together We’ll take ’em by the hand” Hootie & The Blowfish Today was a very errandy Road Trip day. First up, Fred gained a minor chip in his windshield that needed patching. We’ve made the mistake of not getting these fixed quickly enough in […]

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Boring Day

Today was probably one of the boring days of the trip. We got to sleep in 🙌 and enjoy breakfast overlooking the Animas River. We had a guy coming to fix a tiny chip in the windshield by 8-12 so couldn’t really do much. At 11:30 he rolled up and soon our windshield was fixed. […]

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Day 19

We once again started the day with holiday inn breakfast then we stayed at the hotel untill about noon because we chipped our windshield and someone was coming to fix it. After that no one really wanted Peanut butter and jelly so we went to a grocery store where Zoe got a bagged salad my […]

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