Day 19: COhome (v)

As far as adventures are concerned, today was a pretty non one. Unless you considering windshild repair and fire mitigation consultation adventurous. The morning was filled with waiting for the windshield repairer to arrive at the hotel parking lot. He eventually did, completed the work quickly, and we were on our way. The afternoon was spent walking around the property with Alex, the Wild Fire Adapted Partnership consultant. The great news is that we are already very well fire protected and have just a few things on our to do list to make sure we’re as safe as possible from one of the wildfires that are rampant these days.

Unsurprisingly, food was the highlight of the day. Since we needed a late checkout at the hotel for the windshield repair, we stopped by the Albertson’s and raided the produce section for lunch. Huge salads and fresh fruit were just what we needed. Totally hit the spot.

We hadn’t been to COhome since Friday and the biggest change was the concrete pad in front. Six months ago, I never had heard of stamped concrete, but I’ve since spent hours pouring over catelogs and contemplating color combinations. The concrete was poured and stamped yesterday. In the upcoming days the release color will be applied.

COhome is about a mile from the mailboxes, so today we took a walk to them. Just to confirm the location to have ours installed. Also, because it’s what people do here on low key days, check the mailbox.

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