“We’re gone travelling so far Take us in your car Bump it in the yard We grow and bring it back to you Never losing touch with what we’ve been through” Iration Usually chill days like today leave me feeling like we didn’t do enough. Perhaps it’s just the nonstop reggae that’s been playing here […]

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Ouray and Silverton

Today was another lowkey trip day. We woke up fairly early and got on the road towards Ouray. We had plans to meet my dad’s work friend for lunch at 11:30 so we got to Ouray a bit early and explored the old miner town. One particular store was a Texas store which ranged from […]

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Day 20: Mountain Towns

73 days is a long time to go without seeing many familiar faces. Today, Zak, got to see a friend and co-worker. He’s worked at Joliet Central for 12 years and regularly talk about his co-workers. In mid May I met one of them for the first time. I then started to believe for the […]

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Day 20

Last night my parents told us to get up at 7 am. I forgot to set an alarm but, as it turns out that was not a problem because at 7:02 the human alarm clock the I was tenting with started violently taping my shoulder and saying we over slept get up get up. All […]

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