“We’re gone travelling so far

Take us in your car

Bump it in the yard

We grow and bring it back to you

Never losing touch with what we’ve been through”


Usually chill days like today leave me feeling like we didn’t do enough. Perhaps it’s just the nonstop reggae that’s been playing here at The Nugget, but I think today may be an exception. I got a text yesterday from another Physics teacher at my school that he and his family were in Ouray, a place we’d been wanting to check out, so meeting up with them seemed like a perfect opportunity to make the trip. We were up and out of our tents in about 20 minutes this morning, by far a record for us. We made a quick stop in Dolores for coffee and then headed north. Driving through the mountains isn’t quite as fulfilling as hiking them, but it is a lot easier. And there’s hot coffee.

We spent an hour or so checking out Ouray and determined it was as cute as any other mountain town we’ve visited. Then made a two block walk to see a waterfall. We did discover that there’s a trail that circumnavigates Ouray that would be fun to try. The highlight of the stop though, was getting to prove to Molly that I actually do have a job by introducing her to a coworker of mine. We had a great lunch and conversation at the Ouray Brewery. Hopefully we’ll all be able to meet up again in Mancos (or Illinois)

From there we headed south on “The Million Dollar Highway”. It was absolutely terrifying for me as the driver and beautiful for everyone else. It reminded me of why I didn’t like living here as a child. I distinctly remember a trip into the mountains where my dad was driving with two wheels on the road and two hanging over the side. Although I’ve apparently gotten over that trauma it was in my mind as I eyed the 1,000 foot drop-off a foot from the car. Eventually we did make it to Silverton, home of the best emporium I’ve ever been in. Molly wouldn’t let me buy any dead animal parts though. The rest of Silverton was also a place we visited.

We’re sitting on the patio at The Nugget, just south of Purgatory. As I mentioned above there is reggae playing, the beer is flowing, games are being played, and blogs are being written.

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  1. Thanks for safely delivering the 4 of you to Silverton. Nice call from Molly on the dead animal parts.

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