Day 20: Mountain Towns

73 days is a long time to go without seeing many familiar faces. Today, Zak, got to see a friend and co-worker. He’s worked at Joliet Central for 12 years and regularly talk about his co-workers. In mid May I met one of them for the first time. I then started to believe for the first time that he actually does have a job and really does go to work with real people. Today, in Ouray, I got to meet another of his co-workers. We met up with his family at a brewery for lunch. It was so nice. First, to confirm that Zak isn’t a secret double spy agent. Second, to have conversations with others.

Prior to meeting up for lunch, we walked the shops of Ouray. Our only purchase was a book, The Three Cornered War: The Union, the Confederacy, and the Native People’s in the Fight for the West. One of my goals of the trip is buying local books to fill the shelves at COhome. That way, when you all come to visit, you’ll have book about the area to read! And, of course, to enjoy myself.

After lunch, we drove Million Dollar Highway, one of the most terrifying roads we’ve been on, and we’ve driven on a lot of scary roads. We swung through Silverton and walked around a bit. Zak found his favorite store ever, but I’ll let him share his excitement with you.

It was one of those days with a few extra hours to kill. We knew that work would be in progress at COhome and the last thing we want is to be in the way. So we spent the rest of the afternoon at The Nugget Mountain Bar near Pergatory. Zak and I have been here in the winter, but it’s just as quaint in summer.

We’ve started a new tradition this year. Once a week or so, Zoe and I or Zak and Ellie will be in charge of dinner. The partnership heads to the grocery store and finds a suitable dinner that we can enjoy on the back porch. It’s a huge surprise until the “table” (construction buckets) are set. Zak and Ellie picked out tonight’s and it exceeded all expectations.

We’re camping again tonight and then get to head to Telluride to meet up with more friends!

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