Boring Day

Today was probably one of the boring days of the trip. We got to sleep in 🙌 and enjoy breakfast overlooking the Animas River.

We had a guy coming to fix a tiny chip in the windshield by 8-12 so couldn’t really do much. At 11:30 he rolled up and soon our windshield was fixed.

The highlight of the day was going to Albertsons. As we walked in the majestic, fresh produce was jumping out at us all chanting “pick me pick me” We unfortunately could not give in but did get more than enough freshness for lunch. After lunch by the river overlooking the rafters we scurried to the house because my parents had a meeting with the wildfire control guy.

We took the 2 mile there and back walk to the mail boxes before going to Dolores River Brewery. Unfortunately they stopped having pizza on weekdays so we had to go to the BBQ food truck and I am still upset. As a Illinois vegetarian it was very hard to enjoy ribs for dinner. Tonight we camping and tomorrow we are exploring 2 new towns.

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