Burro Fest and Lots of Scary Driving (june 19)

Today was day 16 and in the past day 16s don’t go as planned. One time our car got broken into and the other wr got a flat tire. Neither of which were the end of the world by also neither got ranked high as 5 mountain days. Im a fairly superstitious person but for today being a Day 16 it was pretty much perfect.

We got to sleep in today but I didn’t know that so I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up and it was almost 8. My mom and sister were still sleeping so I figured my dad would be downstairs and went to join him. We hung outside, ate breakfast, and attempted to fix my phone issues and for a couple hours before it was time to shower and pack up the room.

By 11 we were on the road to Burro fest. Before you make assumptions about Burro fest here is a little rundown of it.

  • it’s a HUGE deal. People from all over the 4 corners come to participate with hundreds of spectators.
  • The obstacle course is amazing. There are a multitude of events from opening an umbrella to having the Burro walk backwards *burrows aren’t meant to do that.
  • The whole 1 block main street is blocked off for vendors and artists
  • There is the best Navajo fry bread you will ever taste there
  • I want a Burro now and a guy offered me one then as I was about to accept he walked away 😭😭😭

So with that in mind we arrived at Boyle Park and got front seats just as the burros were being announced. I wa cheering for Ziggy but also loved Alice, coco, and Hamilton. Really all of them. But especially those 4.

1 by one the burros went around the tree, they were pushed backwards(never budged), they had to get their hooves patted and cross the deathly terrifying blue tarp. Only one Burro got onto the course but chose not to participate but im sure next year Coco can take home the victory. Also I think this is the first time I’ve ever cheered during a sporting event. I will be watching professional Burro racing. So thanks to the roadtrip now I can participate in liking 2 sports! (I for some reason got into the NYI Hockey playoffs so hopefully they aren’t out by the time this posts).

After the incredibly heartwrenching race we grabbed some fry bread and omg was is so delicious I don’t know if I’ll stop thinking about it for the next year. We walked around all the artists and said hi to all the burros. I tried to steal one but there wasn’t a clear path out. Maybe next year.

We went back to the house to pick up some stuff and I was FORCED to drive back. Although I’ve had my permit for a few months I’m petrified of driving. This was also my first time driving my mom’s GIANT car and anyone besides my dad. I did a 3 point turn, it took 5 points, and ran over a snake which I am still sad about and I’m super sorry to that snakes family, but other than that it was successful. Apparently my mom was writing down the conversation which is creepy but funny so here is that.

We got some dinner from the columbine and headed to Chaco culture. Because a Burro didn’t pass out mid obstacle or our house fall over I thiugh the road to Chaco would be the bad part of day 16. Yes it was incredibly bumpy and shakey but we made it. We are spending the next 2 nights camping so hopefully you get to read this and we are alive on Monday!

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  1. I love that you took over the wheel. Good practice, although the snake would freak me out a bit, too!

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