The worst day of the roadtrip

Fingers crossed that today is the worst day of the road trip. We saw two terrible brutal sides of American History.

First, we went to the Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado. I can’t explain it that well but basically a bunch of stuck up soldiers decided to kill 200 plus Cheyenne and Arapaho Native Americans in the 1860s. How I understood it those two tribes in the Sand Creek Area were working with a group of soldiers and government officials to maintain or gain peace between the two parties. We got to see pictures from the first and only time those groups met which was interesting to look at. Then, a few months later a different groups of the army came back and attacked, kidnapped, and killed the Native people living in that area. Hopefully someone else explained it better or you go visit for yourself.

While we were there we went on a quick 4 mile hike and it was pretty to see all the grasses and rolling hills from the trail. Also, the weather was perfect so that made the hike a lot more enjoyable as well.

After that and a quick peanut butter and jelly break we went onto our next stop. We went to Amache Relocation Center. I had learned about Internment camps at school but never knew the amount of people that lived at them, or at least this one, (7,300), or the community that they built up.

We learned about everyday life, and how all the people living at camp worked there as well. They started gardens and koi ponds to begin to feel a sense of place so far from home. Most of the people living there came from California and already had prior gardening and farming experience. We saw where the mess halls (where they ate), the schools, and residences they lived would be. They were forced to live there for three years. During that time over 1000 people enlisted in the military,kids joined boy scouts and other clubs. However when they let out they moved away from the area.

After that long day ellie and I went swimming and now we are off to a taco place for dinner!

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