Hiking at florescent fossil beds

Today we went to Florescent fossil beds NM. I wrongly assumed that we would get to see cool dinosaur fossils or bones or something but no. It was literally insects and leaves. The only cool part was the petrified redwood trees. I can’t explain how that happens so I’ll let someone else do that.

After looking at the plethora of leaf fossils they had on display we started the hike. We saw “bug stump” I know I’ve seen bigger as well as other unusually large tree stumps.

Today was our first day of hiking in the mountains. We went about 8 miles and 800 feet up. I didn’t mind the uphill today because on the downhill my backpack kept hopping up and down which was really annoying. Also I got to lead which I really like.

All of the views today were gorgeous and every half hour I would turn around and see the whole valley and mountains at the end. We barely saw anybody else which was nice.

We ate lunch on the ground amongst the pugant pine trees and pouncung prarie dogs. After that we finished the hike by descending 100 feet

After that we went back to the hotel and showered up. I don’t know the plan for the rest of the night but tomorrow we go to CO home!!

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