Day 16: Burro Fest

Today was the third annual, but only second, Mancos Burro Fest. It was everything a Burro Fest should be and is enough reason for everyone to visit Mancos the last Saturday of June. Let us know if you want to reserve a room at COhome for next year.

The burro obstacle course involved them having to walk backwards for 10 feet, a skill burros are not capable of doing according to Google. However, four of the 15 burros did with a lot of coercing from their handlers. Other obstacles involved walking around a tree with a bag of cans, walking through saloon doors, dropping a gold nugget off at the bank, and standing under an umbrella.

When the course wrapped up and the prizes were awarded, the burros scattered to stations next to their assigned artist. Each burro had an artist who spent the rest of the afternoon creating pieces inspires by their burro. We walked around, enjoying fry bread, and getting to know this charming town even more.

We’re off to Chaco Culture in New Mexico for the next couple of night and won’t have any service. We’ll post when we get back!

Happy Father’s Day, dad! I love you!!

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