Day 14: Mancos State Park and COhome (iv)

5/5 mountain day. We just finished a dinner of cheese, crackers, and cherries on the back porch of COhome. The sun will set soon on an exhausting, but super successful, road trip day.

We slept in a bit, until 7:30, a true luxury on the road trip. The hike today was in Mancos State Park, practically our backyard. It consisted of everything I love in a hike: a rainbow of wildflowers, flitting butterflies, the aroma of ponderosa pines, the buzzing of insects, decent temperatures, and lots of shade in the aspen groves. The hike was an out and back, up to 8 miles out. Our plan was to hike until we wanted to turn around and then do just that. The plan didn’t work. At just under 5 miles in, we came across a herd of forest cows. I didn’t know such a thing existed, but I have photographic evidence that it does. *See gallery below.

So these cows. They were adorable. There were at least 8, maybe 12. Many were calves. They were all staring at us with just as much intensity as we were them. Their eyes made one thing clear, we were not going to be going any farther before turning around. We were cool with their nonverbal demand and made the hike back to the car. Right back through the same flowers, butterflies, trees, and sounds.

We took much needed showers and then Zak did laundry while Zoe and I figured out dinner. We went to Safeway and gathered an assortment of charcuterie goodies to enjoy on the porch. We got back to the house and are in amazement at how much was completed today. Concrete is framed and ready to be poured tomorrow, upstairs floors got stained today, and the decks got closer to being finished. It’s thrilling to be here at this part of the process.

So, no complaints at all! A perfect 5/5 mountain day!

Gnat update: The bites from last Saturday have healed, but only as of today. I bought a Bug Bite Thing to suck the venom out after they bite. Ellie and I are completely sold and think it works only like magic actually could. Zoe’s not as sold, but she’s a more pessimistic consumer. I also purchased Bug Soother and I *think* it’s working, but time will tell. I’ve only used it tonight and I have not noticed any bites since applying it. We also talked to two neighbors who told us they are cedar gnats and are active from Memorial Day to Fourth of July. That’s 17 more days. We can do it!

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    1. It’s hardwood. They had just patched the knot holes and have now sanded it. Next week they’ll stain it. It’s been fun to see the whole process of the floors.

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