Day 14

If I learned one thing today it’s that fly’s apparently don’t understand English/human because I spent like 15 minutes and a lot more energy today yelling at them to get away from me and they did NOT listen. The day started with a breakfast sandwich from HIE. We had about a half hour drive to the hike we were doing today at chicken Creek unfortunately I did not see a chicken or a creek. The hike was the first out and back we had done. There were a ton of bugs and they were so annoying. There was really just one that keeps buzzing. If we had done the whole hike it would have been 16 miles but we turned around after 5 because there were a bunch of adorable baby and adult cows blocking the trail and honestly we didn’t really want to pass them. The cows were amazing they were just staring at us. one even showed us that it could poop while spinning in a circle. After finishing the hike we went back to the car then to the hotel on the way home there was even a bit of rain which was great. We took showers, relaxed, then drove to the property where had cheese and crackers for dinner.

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  1. Bummer about the chicken and the creek. Sounds like it should have been Bug Cow Hiking Trail.

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