Hiking at Mancos State Park

Last night we decided to book a hotel so we luxuriously got to sleep it. After a 30 minute drive that 100% DID NOT involve going up a super steep rock dirt road where we had to go 5 miles per hour and it still felt like a bad roller coaster we got to the trail head.

I think this was all of our first times visiting Mancos State Park and it was beautiful. We followed the completely dry Chicken Creek. We saw beautiful wildflowers including ox-eye daisies which are amazing and my favorite flower. Literally every color imaginable we could see in the wildflowers.

Although this hike was the longest at 9.5 miles it was probably the easiest of the trip. The elevation wasn’t that bad and the weather was absolutely perfect including a little rain at the end

We were coming up on 5 miles when my mom shouted “look its a horse” but as we walked closer we realizes it was not a horse but dozens of cows. Like dozens. We watched the babies from a distance and tried to hide from the adults. After watching for a long time we decided to turn around and left by saying our goodbye moos.

The hike finished pretty quickly and before we knew it we were back in the Cortez traffic. I found my mascara that I lost a week ago and we all took desperately needed showers and then my mom and I went to the store to get some snacky stuff for dinner tonight including cake.

We went to the house and spent the afternoon hanging out on the porch. Also on a very serious debate the otts and my family have a group chat and every night we discuss harry styles. Tonight there was a big debate. If you could please comment whether you think harry is sitting or standing in this pic thay would be amazing.

harry styles standing

7 thoughts on “Hiking at Mancos State Park

  1. I feel that Zoe has severely mischaracterized the debate. We all agree he is leaning. The real question is: is he leaning on his own dress?

      1. I think you mean he’s tilting 2 feet over because he’s leaning on his dress.

  2. Vivvi: standing. Wally 4: sitting. Mollie: standing. Wally 5: sitting. We are happy to be of help 🙂

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