Days 11, 12, and 13: Canyonlands, Arches, COhome (iii)

We had the fortune to take a mini vacation with friends in for the past three days. Our dear friends, the Otts, who live just a couple of blocks down from us, are doing an epic RV trip and allowed us to to spend a few days with them hiking and exploring.

Out adventures started at the Islands in the Sky portion of Canyonlands. We did an awesome 6.25 mile hike with some serious elevation gain. We started early and got a good chuck done before the temperature reached 100. My favorite part was watching the girls hike with others. They taught them out bear scare song, even though the threat of bears was non-existent. Before long the Otts all had trail names and their own verses in the song we sing on the trail.

The best reward to a hot, long hike is a great pool. Zak had booked us a hotel room, not for the shower or beds, but simply for the pool. It was exactly what we all needed to cool down. After a charcuterie dinner poolside, we took an evening drive through Arches, stopping at some of the highlights.

Yesterday we went to the Needles part of Canyonlands and did a delightful little hike in nearly unbearable temperatures. The views and the company made the hike just perfect.

We drove the hour and half to COhome and got to give a tour of the house for the first time! I think they liked it. After dinner at Mancos Brewery we all put on a talent show on our back deck by the light of the stars. It was the highlight of a an already amazing day. I think it will now be mandatory for all guests of COhome to come with an act prepared for the talent show portion of the visit.

Today we spent time in Mancos, shopping the little boutiques and galleries before saying, “We’ll see you in August, Otts.”

The progress on the house this past week has been unreal. We’ll post pictures one of these days, but the cabinet doors and drawers were installed today, the floor was being sanded, the decking installation was continuing, and the concrete crew arrive to prep.

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