The Last 4 Days

Sorry for not posting for the last few days but we were hanging with friends and we were all exhausted by 10:00.

SUNDAY: We went to ABC for breakfast, if you ever go get the veggie frittata because it’s amazing and comes with the best homemade bread and jam. We did a long 7(?) mile hike at mesa verde where we went to the top of a mesa and walked around the top. We drove to Moab and met up with our friends. We hung our in their RV to avoid the at least 110 degree heat. We ate some tacos and then went to our tents to attempt to sleep. I didn’t.

MONDAY: We all woke up really early and the Otts all cramed into our car and we went to Islands in the Sky in canyonlands. We did a 6 mile hike with 1,300 ft elevation. It was lots of fun we were all talking and singing the while time. We ate some pb and j and after what seemed like forever our sweaty salty gross selves all piled into the hot car to go to our hotel. We stopped at the visitors center to go to the bathroom but the literally only had holes in the ground there was a very nice photo about how to use the toilet. I decided to avoid the possible fall into the who knows how deep pool and wait in the car. We got to our hotel and all 8 of us immediately jumped into the pool. After a few hours of swimming in the excruating heat my mom, mollie and I went to the store to grab some snacks stuff for dinner and all 8 of us devoured it. We drove to arches and gave the otts a little driving tour of the park. We ended the night with a swim under the stars and a real quick power outage.

TUESDAY: Thursday morning we all drove together to Needles District of Canyonlands where we did a very hot 2.5 mile hike. It was relatively flat compared to yesterday’s hike but miserably hot. It was lots of fun though. I talked to vivvi most of the time and we were pointing out cool parts of the cayon and wishing we built a pool at CO House. After that hike ellie and I rode in their RV and we ate pb and js and taught Vivvi and Wally card games. The worst part of the RV was the last mile up to the house where the dirt rocky road made up the road that the RV had to drive on and it was an actual earthquake. We made it to the house and gave them a quick your and tried to beat the gnats. We tried to enjoy some chips and salsa on the invisible front porch. After dinner we did a talent show and I convinced ellie, wally, and vivid to preform “The Routine” that Monica and Ross do in Friends with me and that may be the highlight of my life and I am really sorry that you missed out on seeing our coordination an preciseness and amazingness.

TODAY: we took the ottsto ABC and of course I got the fritatta. We walked around mancos and into all of the different art galleries. Everyone went to a bar but because vivvi and I are so cool we went and played some version of the floor is lava. Before we knew it everyone else picked us up and the otts left. We ended up sleeping in Cortez and tomorrow we go back to normal road tripping without friends. 🙁

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