Day 13

Today started at 7:30 for me but after stumbling out of my tent I found out everyone else had been up since 5:30 when the workers came to start working on the house. We had camp hot coco and coffee. We then took the Ott’s to one of our favorite restaurants. The ABC cafe. We played on the park that we also ate at we’ll waiting for food. After the delicious breakfast we walked around Mancos. We got a few little gifts and souvenirs ( I got a pair of heart earrings because I forgot all my earrings at home) then we went to a bar where are parents had a beer and we learned magic tricks. We then drove back to our property and to another near by park where we said goodbye to the Ott’s. I honestly miss them so much already and can’t wait till the end of summer when we can see them again. We made the executive decision that instead of camping tonight we were going to gat a hotel room. For dinner we are having pizza. Sorry for the delayed posts I should be better at posting now.

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