Day 10: Mesa Verde to Moab

There is a lot I could write about today, but it’s late. I’ll utilize the bullet point option.

  • We did a perfect hike at Mesa Verde and I don’t think I’ll ever stop pinching myself that MV is practically our backyard.
  • Absolute Bakery and Cafe is the best and we were recognized by one of the owners. That pretty much made my day.
  • We met up with the Otts at a campground in Moab and are ready for a couple of days of pure awesome with them.
  • The Pack Creek Fire is in the La Sal mountains, but far from where we’re staying in Moab. The work of the firefighters is nothing short of admirable. We’re dropping off water and Gatorade tomorrow for theosr fighting the fire. If you’d like to help keep those fighting wild fire hydrated, feel free to venmo me a small donation and we’ll pick up water or Gatorade on your behalf.
  • Gnat itchiness is at a 93/100. Yesterday was 115/100. I guess that’s good news.

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