Surfin’ USA

“We can’t wait for June

We’ll all be gone for the summer

We’re on surfari to stay

Tell the teacher we’re surfin’

Surfin’ USA”

The Beach Boys

Yesterday was the first day of the trip that I got to the end of, remembered that I hadn’t written yet, and went to bed anyway. Since we try really hard to limit the number of days we don’t write I promised myself I’d make up for it this morning. Yesterday was long, exhausting, exhilarating, and pretty much every other possible emotion. It was the first day of the trip that I rated 5 mountains. (At the end of each day we all rate the day on a scale of 0-5 mountains) Yesterday had everything: 7 hours of driving, a crazy hike, and our first view of CO Home since March.

After a 3 hour drive our first stop of the day was Great Sand Dunes NP, another NPS site we’ve driven past many times without stopping. Our original plan had been to backpack for a night there, but after Molly read some discouraging articles and our anxiousness to get to Mancos kicked in we opted to day hike it instead. Hiking uphill is hard. Hiking in sand is hard. Hiking uphill in sand while the wind pelts you with that same sand is pretty much just miserable. We did two miles, one up that took about an hour and a half and one back down that took about 30 minutes. It was beautiful, but I don’t see us going back anytime soon.

After wrapping up that trek we climbed back in Fred for the 4 hour trip to CO Home. I’m going to hold off on writing about it until tonight because right now I’m sitting on the porch sipping coffee and I’m ready to look up from my phone to enjoy the view.

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