Hiking at Sand Dunes

Today was definitely not what I expected it to be. The original plan was to backpack at Great Sand Dunes NP.

We woke up at 6:30 and honestly I can’t remember much of this morning besides losing my mascara. I still have no idea how and it literally never left the bathroom. Good thing I brought a spare.

We ended up a Great Sand Dunes at 11ish. We started the hike by crossing a large stream then we had to walk about half a mile in flat sand. It reminded me a lot of walking down the beach in Chicago with all the little kids and dark dirty sand.

Then we started going up. Like straight up. It was like when you are a little kid and picture people just climbing right up the side of the mountain but instead of rock it was sand. To add to the difficult it was super super windy eo all the sand would come flying and hitting you. It felt like a bazillion of the little red bitey ants were attacking you and they all had a little blade. Also with the wind you had the added challenge of not falling down the side.

We decided we would try to go to the top of Big Dune or Tall Dune or Large Dune. Despite the name it was very tall. 800 feet from where we started. I learned the best way to do it was to take 10 large almost lunge like steps and then take a break. I got a little bit ahead so it must’ve worked.

After we got to our 4th false “summit” we decided to turn around because honestly it was miserable. Yes the view was pretty and more I feel incomplete but remember the attacking sand…

After that we headed down. I think it took 15 minutes back. I could basically run down and still feel not much more pain.

Last night for dinner we got this pizza that had gigantic slices so for lunch we were all eating giant pizza slices in the car all covered in sand and dirt and water.

Then we went to the house. I hadn’t seen many pictures of it and it looks so much different than last time. The outside looks like it could be done and you can put the pieces of the inside together. Also I got to pick out my bedframe so that’s really exciting.

Also exciting was we got our first amazon delivery to Colorado. unfortunately it was only a ladder but still that’s a big step. We unpacked and then repacked the car because it was still wet from the first big water spill. We all went down and started setting up camp. I was a gigantic help and got ellie the right sized rock to push down all the stakes I’m sure she will thank me a lot on her post.

Now it’s 11 and I’m sure everyone else is asleep so it’s just me the animals and whatever music I happen to have downloaded, which is not as delightful as it sounds.

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