Day 8

The past few days have a been long and/or hard hikes but, today was not like that. We woke at at about 7 in tents. Personally this is not my favorite way to wake we up mostly because you feel gross. Nonetheless I was got up and started the day with a ten minute walk back to the car we Greg(one of the people working on the house) pulled up at the same time that we got back to the car to start getting ready for the day. After washing faces and brushing teeth. We all went on with our days. To be honest I don’t know where my parents were but Zoe and I played a Velcro catch game that we brought with( I don’t really know how else to discribe it) But after about an hour of that my parents did a tour of the house with Creg and Darrell. For lunch we did PBJ and C then drove to the hotel. Now if you have ever camped the day after hiking the great sand dunes you know all you want is a good long shower witch is exactly what I wanted and I got to go first. Dispirite all that I wanted was a good shower it was horrible. The problem started when it took 3 Knott’s to even turn on the shower, I then learned our drain does not work right and it takes a crazy long time to drain so I was freaking out that I Broke the shower, and then I rushed because I thought I was about to flood the bathroom and when I got out of the shower I realized I forgot to get clothes out. All of this lead to tears of dissatisfaction. After that we went to a restaurant where we shared snack of pork natchos.

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