COhome and Cortez

Today was one of the most relaxing of the trip. I woke up at 7 which is the best I’ve ever slept in a tent. After a little bit we headed to the car to make coffee and get cleaned up.

It was a pretty relaxing morning I had some applesauce and then ellie and I played the velcro throwing and catching game from the target dollar section. Our high score was 65 and ellie made it incredibly difficult to go any higher.

After that and a meeting about the house that I payed minimal attention We ate our first PB&J at the property.

We went back to the hotel and all took much needed showers. Despite what ellie says the shower was fine and we are all clean now 🙂

We rested in the hotel for a bit and then went to Wild Edge to play a game and hang out a bit. Sorry for the short blog post but it was a lowkey chill day

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