Day 8: COhome (i)

Today was a business-y day. We broke ground in October on COhome. Since then we all drove out over New Years, Zak came out in January for the important electric walk, the girls and I flew out for our spring break, and Zak drove out the week after. I know it sounds like a lot of time to have been out here, but it’s really hard to be building a house and not able to be on site. We’ve had weekly calls with Darrell, our project manager. Craig, the site superintendent, sends us pictures on a very regular basis. I have truly loved every part of the process and the only hard part has been being so far away. I’m very anxious and ready for it to be completed, but I’m very much going to miss the process.

This morning, after waking up in tents, two cups of french press camp coffee, and yoga under a the shade of a giant juniper, we met Darrell to go over all the updates in the house. Together, with Craig, we went over every square inch of the place. I continue to be blown away with the craftmanship and attention to every single detail. The next six weeks are going to be a sprint and I’m so excited we’re here to take it all in.

Although the whole process has been incredibly smooth, there are some hiccups. The tile I fell in love with for the backsplash is on backorder and won’t be in until early fall. The appliances are in a similar situation. Darrell even presented us with a letter from the appliance company outlining the reasons (global shortages due to covid.) None of that matters to us much. This is our forever and ever home, a few month delay on some components seem so minor to us.

After our meeting and a lunch of pbj&c on the ridge, we headed to the hotel, fingers crossed that we could snatch an early check in and finally get all the sand off our bodies from Great Sand Dunes. Fortunately, the room was ready and, despite Ellie’s disappointment involving tears, it was the best, most high pressure shower I’ve ever taken.

We are relaxing with a beer in hand at WildEdge, playing games and writing posts. We’ll grab dinner and I’m sure a good night’s sleep will be in all our futures.

3 thoughts on “Day 8: COhome (i)

  1. Dear Molly;
    Up until today, I did not have an understanding that you are almost done with building your home in Colorado. OH MY GOSH! HOW GORGEOUS! I asked my husband Steve today, “Hey Honey, do you think you could eat pbj and Cheetos for lunch every day for oh, about sixty days?” HIs reply was a swift no way. I’m with you and yours. One step closer to your dreams coming true ~ hear! hear!

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