Chain Gang

“All day long they work so hard

Til the sun’s comin’ down”

Otis Redding

Before I get into today’s update I want to backtrack a bit to mention how great our dinners have been the last few nights. I’ve always been a big beliver in having dinner together as a family whenever we possibly can. This past year that was fairly easy since there were no activities at all causing us to scatter in the evenings. I’m sure that will change next school year as the girls can again join clubs and sports and Molly engages more deeply with the various social justice groups she participates in. Even though we’re spending every minute of every day together we still have plenty to talk about as we debrief each night. We take turns reading the posts we’ve written for the day, fill out our road trip journal, and reminisce about memories of the day along with ones from previous trips. While the interactions with each other are the highlight of these nights the food and ambiance have also stood out. He has truly seen fit to touch us with his noodly appendage as we dined at Montezuma Mexican in Dolores and Fat Sulley’s and Cerberus Brewing in Colorado Springs.

Now to today! We woke up in tents at the Cortez Overlook area of our property (my favorite square meter on the planet). The first item on the agenda was to get back to Fred and the camp stove that would produce the coffee we’d need to get us going. Traveling out of Fred is always a bit of an exercise in organized chaos. Perhaps Fred’s trunk served as the insparation for Zoe’s method of packing Volcano, her duffel bag. We did manage to locate all of the pieces needed to assemble a cup of coffee. The camp stove was right on top of the pile, the coffee and mugs tucked behind the back seat, the Bailey’s in a well on the side of the trunk, the coffee press post in a pack in the attic of the garage, and the most elusive piece, the actual press, stuck to the bottom of the fuel cannister.

I enjoyed my cup of coffee perched on a joist where there will someday be a deck as I wrote my blog post for yesterday and crocheted a square for the blanket I’m working on this summer. Molly headed off to do yoga somewhere among the trees and the girls played catch. While it was mostly a morning full of killing time it was the perfect way to start a day here.

At 11 we had a meeting with Derrell, our project manager, and Craig, the site superintendent to talk about the progress and details of finishing the house. I completely forgot to take pictures so you’ll have to check out Molly’s post for that, but I’ll be sure to get a bunch tomorrow.

After the meeting we headed back to the Cortez Overlook for PBJ&C and a cold beer before heading to Cortez to take a much needed shower. The quality of the shower in our room was very controversial and I’m sure others will write about it as well, but I want to make sure to get my perspecive on it. Ellie went first and came out of the shower in tears. She said it was the worst shower she’d ever taken, that all she wanted was a good shower, and this one was awful, then there were more tears.

Perhaps it was because I went into my turn with extremely low expectations that my experience was much different than hers. In fact I rated it a 12/10. It would have been a 20, but there was a 5 point deduction for ambiance and a 3 point deduction for the drain not working well. The main drivers behind the excellent score were:

  1. The impressive water pressure. I don’t remember the last time I was on a beach in Florida, but I’m pretty sure this shower blasted out sand from that trip along with what I picked up at Great Sand Dunes.
  2. The precision of the temperature control. It was perfect, and if I’d wanted it a degree hotter or colder I could have had that as well.

Now we’re hanging out at WildEdge Brewing Collective in Cortez. It’s the first time I’ve been here, but I’m sure we’ll be back. The beer is good. The pulled pork nachos were great, and Molly has even recovered from possible death after eating an extra spicy jalepeño.

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  1. Good water pressure in a shower is paramount anywhere and not often found in hotels. I hope Ellie will have a better experience next time.

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