The day I found something out

Today started like every other day, getting woken too early, making me a bit grumpy. Grabbing breakfast and driving before our hike. I was still grumpy when we got to the trailhead and hearing that today we had a three thousand foot incline with huge packs on our backs did not help. So I started with the attitude that I could not do it. Everytime I said something negative, someone says something positive, like “everything is possible.” Everytime they said that I thought about climbing Mt Everest when you are 11 and that’s not possible. At one point they let me lead so I could set the pace. Then we came to a hill, one so big I could not see the top. While doing it I was thinking I cannot do this. Let me tell you the struggle was real. When I got to the top I felt so proud and I got a burst of energy giving me a better adutude. Then the next hill was easier giving me a better attitude for getting up again. I was beginning to feel like I could do it and that made the whole hike a lot easier. Toward the end of the hike I twisted my ankle pretty bad. Although I could see our campsight I was struggling to get there making everthing seem hard again. It was at our campsite when I realized something. Everything in life is possible. The ups, the downs, the easy, the hard, and even climbing Mt Everest when you are 11 years old. Before my post ends. I just want to say I love my family so much and thanks for supporting me in my dream of wanting to be a ranger. You encourgage me every day and I hope you never die.

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  1. You told that journey and your feelings throughout so well! Good job, Ellie. The Otts are proud.

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