The day I had ramon

Today we got up and chilled in our bed for a little bit. Next we picked up our room then went to the restaurant downstairs where I had a berry scone. Then we went to the front desk and asked to rent bikes. They took us out back and we each choose a bike. We grabbed helmets then we hit the streets. My mom freaked out a little bit when we were riding through the street but then it was all good. We got to ride by the ocean. My favorite part was ringing my bell then passing people. The loop we did was about 7.5 miles if not more. We stopped for cool drinks and calamari and while we were there decided to do the loop again so we did. After that we went back up the hills and to the hotel. We chilled and played ping-pong. Then we went to the grocery store to stock up on dill pickle chips, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. Then went to dinner. We had ramon. It was SO good. It was my first time but I loved it. I did not quite finish but I am still stuffed.

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